Home remedies for acidity

Home remedies for Acidity

Acidity cause burning inside chest and bitter acidic water inside mouth coming from stomach. But the repeated occurrence of such symptoms and chronic acidity require treatment by doctor.

Common household remedies for immediate relief from acidity.

  1. Take Coconut Water, Buttermilk (Chach) or watermelon juice.
  2. Herbs such as Ajwain, Tulsi leaves, Saunf, Jeera and Pudina leaves help in reliving acidity.
  3. Take Lemon Juice With Sugar. Jaggary (Gur) also helps in acidity control.
  4. Take Basil leaves, Banana or Apple.
  5. Maintain a Regular Eating Time.
  6. Cut Down on Smoking and Drinking Alcohol.
  7. Avoid Foods That Trigger Acidity, like spicy and oily foods.


Popular for its healing powers and immunity boosting powers, ginger can also be very helpful in curing heart burn.  Chewing fresh ginger or sipping on a cup of hot ginger tea can ease the acid reflux.


Baking soda is basic in nature, which makes it a wonderful remedy for heart burn. You can mix a spoonful of baking soda to a glass of water and drink to ease the problem. However make sure that you don’t do this too often since it is high on salt.


The probiotics (beneficial bacteria) in some yogurts balance the micro flora in our gut, making it a great home remedy for acid reflux and acidity. It also improves the digestive system, thus reducing the chances of such future problems.  You can add yogurt to your regular diet for best results.


Aloe Vera juice has an amazing ability to reduce inflammation and it provides quick relief from acidity. Take half a glass of ready to drink Aloe Vera juice right out of the bottle. You can add it to your diet as it offers several health benefits.


Honey, a common ingredient of several home remedies, can be taken to quickly ease the acidity problem. Add a teaspoonful of honey to water and drink it few times during the day. It will help your stomach feel better.


Chew a gum stick after every meal to increase saliva production. The excess amount of saliva production can reduce acid levels in the esophagus. However make sure that you don’t make it your sole solution for escaping acid reflux since too much chewing gum can worsen the problem.

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