Calcium deficiency


Myth – Osteoporosis is a painful bone condition.

This is a common misconception. Unless a fracture has occurred, osteoporosis causes no pain. Osteoporosis makes bones weaker than normal because the bone is not dense enough. The name osteoporosis comes from Greek words meaning bone (ostoun) and passage (poros), indicating the increased amount of empty spaces or passageways through the bone. Osteoporosis is defined by measures of bone mineral density, and most people with osteoporosis have never had a fracture; therefore, they have no symptoms related to their weakened bones. In fact, they would not even know about their condition until a bone mineral density test is performed. That’s why testing is so important for people at risk of osteoporosis.

The calcium deficiency is the major cause of osteoporosis, and it is very common all over the world. Dietary problems are main cause of calcium deficiency. Every normal person require 1000-1400 mg of calcium every day and milk is the major source of calcium in your diet.

Calcium supplements in form of tablet and capsule should be taken with Vitamin D as it increases calcium absorption. You can find many brand providing Calcium and Vitamin D3 here.

The Calcium preparation also comes fortified with Vitamins and mineral, which you can find here.

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